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Happy Women's Day in Lvhe

Time : 2024-03-11 Hits : 27

The spring breeze has a letter, and the blossom has a date. March and you are the best scenery. All the good things are on their way ! In order to celebrate the "March 8 Goddess Day" to come, The company carefully planned and held Green Harvest's second group building activity is the Goddess Day Carnival

Barbecue and hot pot were full of aroma. The delicious food made everyone's taste buds dance to their hearts's content. After the meal, An exciting tug-of-war , ignited everyone's enthusiasm. Male and female employees worked together. together to fight for honor!

Flowers and lucky draws were full of surprises. The lucky winners went home full of money and laughter.

This relaxing and enjoyable activity brought a little bit of fun to our busy work. It also injected new energy for better work.

Thank you for the hard work and participation of each and every employee.

Let's look forward to the next festival.

Let's create more beautiful memories together!

Zhejiang Lvhe once again wishes all female friends

Happy Holiday!