Adidas hit on the popcorn shoe box

May. 08, 2019

"Joe, our popcorn shoebox is on fire!" At about 2 am on June 6, qiu wenyao jumped out of bed after receiving an international long-distance call from ma hongmei, chairman of guangdong qianhe environmental protection technology co., LTD. At the other end of the phone, ma hongmei announced loudly: "more than 10 famous shoe brands have signed the intention cooperation agreement."

Ma hongmei just finished attending the 2019 Los Angeles international shoe exhibition summit, and immediately Shared the exhibition with qiu wenyao. Qiu wenyao is the general manager of zhejiang lvhe ecological technology co. LTD. Over the past six years, the two companies have embarked on a cross-regional venture for the popcorn shoebox.

"The faint smell of popcorn! Rose, the global buyer for adidas, picked up a shoe box and sniffed it in front of the millennium green showcase at the international shoe fair.

It's not just adidas. During the exhibition, more than 50 global well-known shoe industry brand buyers take the initiative to throw cooperation red hydrangea. "So far, we have been making sample boxes for more than 10 shoe brands." Ma hongmei said.

How can a small shoe box cause such a big market response? Because it solved the shoe industry packaging pain point. For a long time, the packing of shoes involves paper boxes and paper balls, which act as shoe supports but are extremely susceptible to moisture. Ma hongmei qianhe environmental protection is a professional production of pulp shoe box, shoe support enterprises. Under the pressure of environmental protection, as early as six years ago, the company has been actively seeking transformation and upgrading. Meet green grass ecology, ma hongmei saw the hope.

Lvhe ecology is a high-tech enterprise in shengzhou city, focusing on the research and development of new materials of corn starch fiber. Although the scale is not large, but in the field of biodegradable materials research and development, running in the forefront of the country, is the drafting unit of national standards of biodegradable materials.

At that time, green grass ecological production mainly used to make disposable tableware corn starch degradation material. Because of the low barriers to entry for such products, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon. "Only by making products that others can't think of and don't want to make, can we occupy the commanding heights of the market." When qiu wenyao was looking for a new application direction for corn starch fiber, he met qianhe environmental protection.

One grasps the raw material research and development frontier technology, one has the advanced shoe industry packing production line, both sides hit it off immediately. In lvhe ecological laboratory, high heels, flat shoes, football shoes, running shoes...... Sundry shoe supports, filled up with show ark. "Despite its simplicity, it is difficult to achieve the strength required." Wang changmao, chairman of lvhe ecology, picked up a shoe prop and said that the formula alone has been adjusted hundreds of times. And compared to shoebox craft, shoehold is simple. To produce the same strong, lightweight effect as the carton, the raw materials are more demanding.

In January, the first batch of "popcorn" shoeboxes and shoesupports were made. "After the test, it was better than the carton." An American shoemaking enterprise takes the lead in signing a contract with qianhe environmental protection. This has given both sides confidence. "Developed a range of products in preparation for the global footwear summit." Qiu wenyao said. Next, the two sides will jointly explore the global market.

Author: he chaoqun

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